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Read this funny stuff below ....
Our Tollywood shooting star Balayya (Balakrishna) is travelling in aflight and happensto get a seat beside no other than Tom hanks himself. but Balayya doesntknow that he is Tom Hanks. their conversation goes like this -

NBK: hello. (smiles and shakes his head)

Tom Hanks: hi, how do u do

NBK: great. i am returning from nandeeswarudu shooting in LA

Tom Hanks: really ? cool. i am an actor myself

NBK: i am a great actor

Tom Hanks: says who

NBK: myself

Tom Hanks: (blank face) Good for you. they say i am a good actor too. iwona couple oscars also

NBK: i won a couple vamsee berkeley awards

Tom Hanks: i can see that

NBK: my father was greatest actor in the world

Tom Hanks: (surprised) dont tell me you are paul newman's only son

NBK: i am tenth son of NTR

Tom Hanks: who is NTR

NBK: he is the greatest actor in the world

Tom Hanks: wow and all these days i was wondering if that would be paulnewman or peter sellers. can you name a movie of your father's ?

NBK: superman

Tom Hanks: now you confuse me. i thought christopher reeves was superman

NBK: acting is in my blood

Tom Hanks: interesting. i have haemoglobin in my blood

NBK: my father was a great actor

Tom Hanks: youve said that before

NBK: ok. theres not much more to talk for me

Tom Hanks: i would love to see some of your work

NBK: (pulls a vhs out of his bag) here watch this

Tom Hanks: what is it

NBK: its my latest movie seema simham . which means lion of the area

Tom Hanks: interesting. what is it about

NBK: it is about two friends. one of them kills the others kid. now theother guy wants to kill this guy's kid. but the fact is that this one'skid becomes the other one's kid and in the end they have the same kid.

Tom Hanks: (turning towards air hostess) can i be moved to a differentseat please

NBK: (smiles and shakes head)

After conversation with balaiah he moved to a another seat in the sameflight and it happens to be a next seat of Jr.NTR.

EVen Jr.Ntr does this Tom HanksTheir conversation goes like this:

Tom Hanks: I couldn't belive that guy was saying his father "NTR" wasthegreatest actor in the world.

Jr.NTR: Nandamuri TAraka Rama RAo, NTR, is the greatest actor in theworldand my babai (uncle) is next to him

Tom Hanks (with a surprise): Who are you?

Jr.NTR : I am the true successor of the great legend NTR.

Tom Hanks: Anyway, who are you???

Jr.NTR: NTR is my tata garu: it means his my grand father. He is alwayswith me even though he is in the heaven. MY babai....

Tom Hanks: (cuts his conversation and says) Oh God, are you also anactor?

Jr.NTR: Yes, Even though my babai doesn't talk to me his blessing arealways with me. His movies are inspired me. My babi and my tata ...

Tom Hanks: (again ineterrupts his talk and he doesn't want to talkanymoreabout movies and he wants to shift the conversation to something else)ARe you married?

Jr.NTR: NO, but, I fell in love with the beautiful girl in the world.
Tom Hanks with a surprise looks) dont tell me you are in love withKournikova

Jr.NTR: No, I am in love with Aarti agarwal

Tom Hanks: Who is she?

JR.NTR : you dont know her (surprise in his face). She is pretty, Icannotexplain it you. But, I promised my mom and to the industry people that Inever propose her to marry me.

Tom Honks: Why?

Jr.NTR: They think it spoils my carrer.

Tom Hanks: Dont say that Holly wood industry said to you like that

Jr.NTR: NO Tollywood industry. My tata and my babai are responsible forraising of tollywood industry to this level. MY babai acted in two greatmovies. He really inspired me......

Tom Honks ( angry, frustrated and cuts his bajana and asks): what isyourname?

Jr.NTR: NTR, my mother put this name because my tata and my babai......

Tom Hanks is so confused and ready to get down of that flight at nextstopbecause the next available empty seat is besides no other thanMr.Nandamuri Tarakaratna.



Here is the latest news abt Balayya's Latest Movie ....( seriously ..!)
Ambica Krishna wants to repeat the magic with the crew of block buster movie Lorry Driver . He is teaming up with B.Gopal , Nandamuri Andagadu "BalaKrishna" and Herione VijayaSanthi ( yes there she iz , kartavyam vijayasanthi's come back !) Wanna know about the story details , keep reading and enjoy ...
The story is "free_make" to recent bollywood flick Rang De Basanthi , the crew recently registered balayya movie as "Rangu ivvu Santhi" .... With tag line "A generation Acts !!" Star Cast , Five Collegeates being BalaKrishna(Aamir Khan role) and rest of the chaps being Jr NTR ,Tarak Ratna, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram , the cool gal role being played by VijayaSanthi , guess the role of Madavan , its none oth er than "Tiger " Nanda Muri Hari Krishna ... Director B.Gopal well known for his Mass flicks direct's this movie after thorough custmization to telugu nativity , Recent Sex Bomb Mallika Sherawat plays (the role that of the foreign gal ), coming from Mumbai want to make a documentary on "Sardar PapaRayadu", her grandfather being a cook at a jail loong back ..
Producer Ambika Krishna is planning to bring HollyWood Graphic Aritistes to make Digital Imaging of Sr NTR for a cameo role for the Flash Back scenes ...
Music Director Mani Sharma composes nine groovy tunes , the title song being again a mass song , " Rangula Santhi , Hangula Santhi .. Pongulu Isthava .. " a peppy number being canned on balayya babu in virgin foriegn locations of recently layed FootPaths in East Africa (as per our film reporter ) Muhurat Shot being shot recently with som e cool collegeates flirting and dancing in the suburbs of hyderabad and some shouting their hart throb hero "Chimpu Chimpu ... " ( Balayya's youthfulname in movie) , he is seen drinking "Kallu seesa" with Jr NTR climbing on a rock and bending behind ( one shud see RDB , to know what ballayya is trying to do ..) Although controversies from Blue Cross are heard for BGopal ordered several hundreds of monkeys for some vital scenes ...
Ambika krishna denied any such allegations ..
Ambika Krishna arranged a press meet after the muhurat shot , where balayya expressed his confidence that film wud run 300 days in 300 centers all over world .. Hari krishna expressed his happiness for working with his entire family ..
Jr NTR said he has been waiting for the right script and atlast they all cud do it .. B Gopal kept a low profile and wanted his work to speak , even Vijaya santhi left early and said she wud speak on 300 days celebrations



Incredible Andrapradesh

Government of Swarnandhra Pradesh
GO No C12/34-94/2006.

Reg: To all the viewers of Nandamuri Balakrisha Movies .

Here the Govt.of Swarnandhra Pradesh has taken a decision for the viewers of Nandamuri Balakrishna .The decisions as fallows

1.Govt will not liable for the people, who will die after watching his movie.

2.Newly married couple are strictly prohibited to watch his movie. Court will not provide them a divorce if they would have seen his movies earlier 6 months .

3.Below 21 age are prohibited to watch his movies .if he would have seen his movie earlier 6 months then he will not allowed to get a seat in a reputed educational institutions. To track the people watching his movies ,each spectator will be marked on his buttock with heated iron round symbol as how buffalos are marked before entering in to theater.

4.Age 45 and more are strictly prohibited to watch his movies . Organizations must take under taken letter from all the employees, and that letter must state that, if he watches his movies he will not be allowed to obtain his pensions after his retirement.

5.Medical shops should not sell any poisons surrounding the areas where NBK?s movie is playing . Violators will be prosecuted.

6.Fashion designers are advised to not design any specials for NBK.

7.The people watching NBK movies will be considered as untouchable now on. Now on wards Swarnandhra people are divided in to two groups such as ?Touchable? and ?Untouchable?.

8.Strictly actions against NBK?S producers .They will be kept away from the Producers associations . Even they will not be allowed at temple steps to beg after the failures of their movies.

9.Travell agents are strictly warned especially for SUMOs , Quallis and Bulloaro . they are not allowed to give a rent for NBK movies .if they violate GO , their license and road permissions will be abandoned .

10.Special warnings to actresses, they should not act with NBK as a second wife role . if they play as a second wife role ,she will not be allowed to marry a virgin bachelor man in her real life .

11.Triple star warnings to Script writers ,they are not allowed to use ?dynasty ? in telugu ? VAMSHAM? word for ever . If they violate this point ,the script writers ?vamsham? will be jailed as long as he is alive .

12. Hotels ,restaurants and pubs are advised to not play NBK?s songs . They should consider the money the customers paying . They are requested to not disappoint any customer by playing his songs .

13.Producers are strictly instructed ,they must not release the movie until and unless it is telecasted in Gemini,Etv and Maa Tv.

14. Banks are advised that not to provide housing loans and vehicle loans to NBK fans . They must remember that the beneficiary ?s life is no longer safe after NBK ?s movie release . House has unanimously accepted the bill and will be affective from this mid night. This actions are taken on the statistic we are provided .

NBK flu is more pathetic then Bird flu.

Cheers Member of Swarnandhra

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